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Date: May 26th, 2012
Category: social media

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

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1. LG 55-Inch OLED: The “Ultimate Display”

When I first laid eyes on the LG 55-inch OLED display at CES last January, it was love at first sight. Now LG says its “Ultimate Display” will be available in the second half of this year. I’m thinking that means December.

This astonishing $10,000 TV of the future will be worth the wait. Its displays the most saturated and vivid colors I’ve ever seen on any screen, and besides its spectacular rendition of video, it brings along additional surprising specs. [continued]

Click here to view this gallery.

It was a momentous week for tech, where commerce met spaceflight, a popular smartwatch faced off with a wily competitor, a futuristic way to compute turned into reality, and a commonplace inconvenience was suddenly eliminated with an ingenious idea.

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if you’re looking for a quick peek into the future, you’d arrived at our own special portal that will take you there with just a few clicks. So sit back and strap yourself in, pilgrim, and ride along with us in the latest edition of Top 10 Tech This Week.

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