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Date: February 15th, 2013
Category: social media

Save 50% when you pre-order What’s the Future of Business in the next 24 hours

What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences

I recently announced the title of my next book and also that it was already at the printer with delivery just around the corner. As an author, you put a lot of work, time, research, and passion into something and you only hope that when it finally comes out that others will share in the experience. This is that time.

My humble request and the special offer are intertwined…

Back in October, I partnered with Barnes and Noble to offer you a special 24-hour flash sale. Well, I’m proud to announce that B&N is bringing the promotion back to life for 48-hours only. In celebration of the release, which is just a few weeks away, you can now save 50% when you pre-order today and tomorrow (2/14 & 2/15).

How can you talk about the importance of experiences if the book isn’t “an” experience? This is a special book…at least I set out to do something special with it. The shape is square in shape and in full color throughout. An original book template was designed by my friends at Mekanism. @Gapingvoid contributes original art in every chapter. The flow is more like an analog version of a digital app. It’s immersive. It’s experiential.

I hope you love it.

Thank you for your support now and over the years.

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