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Date: April 24th, 2012
Category: social media

Strongbow set to launch multi-million pound ad campaign with St Luke’s

Strongbow set to launch multi-million pound ad campaign with St Luke’s

Strongbow is set to launch a multi-million pound ad campaign, created by St Luke’s with media buying by MediaVest, with a 60 second TV ad set to air from 30 April.

Aimed at men who ‘get the job done’, the campaign features a new end line: ‘Strongbow. Earn It’.

Lucy Henderson, brand manager for Strongbow at HEINEKEN, said: “We have evolved the campaign this year from a ‘Strongbow Hard Earned’ message to a more universal territory of ‘Earn It’. The ‘Push it’, execution takes Strongbow into a younger, more aspirational territory, while still ensuring that the brand stays true to its humorous personality.”

The ‘Push it’ ad, made to look like a film trailer, features a group of smartly dressed men standing round a broken down van. A phone call for help leads to the group being told “Do you think I’m ‘Dear Deidre’?” and given the suggestion of pushing the van to their destination.

After achieving the goal, it is discovered that the group are wedding singers and the man on the phone was the father of the bride. The group then enjoy a pint of Strongbow before the end board appears.

Neil Henderson, managing director at St Luke’s, said: “With the reward theme firmly established for Strongbow, we have now developed the campaign for a wider audience. This is the next in a series of epic Strongbow ads with a great cast of characters, great music and all the entertainment value of a classic caper movie.”

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