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Date: October 11th, 2012
Category: social media

The Future of Social TV is a Multi Screen Experience [video]

The Pew Internet and American Life Project recently published a study that found 50% of cellphone owners use their phones while watching TV. Connected viewers are not only driving the rise of Social TV, their activities are opening new windows for real-time multi-screen experiences that require design.

Joining me on this episode of Revolution is Jesse Redniss, SVP Digital of USA Network. His work already looks beyond how to make programming social. Redniss and the team at USA Network are drafting a blueprint for a multi-screen experience that spans from the TV to laptops to tablets and smart phones and the social networks that link them together. This about writing a story for the TV as well as storylines and desired outcomes for second and third screens that people are already using as they watch. The difference is that today connected viewers use these screens without direction. As you’ll hear, each screen requires careful consideration and design to create a connected experience not just during the program, but also in between episodes.

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