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Date: October 4th, 2012
Category: social media

Facebook: Over 1 Billion Served – Plus Interesting Stats

Mark Zuckerberg announced in a short and sweet post today that Facebook is now home to one billion digital denizens. I’m not going to focus on the impact this news will have on its stock. Instead, I would like to focus on how this significant milestone aligns with his vision, a vision that was clearly communicated in the company’s S-1.

After re-reading Zuckerberg’s letter to investors, here are a few themes that resonate with me in light of this news…

Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected. The social network hopes to strengthen how people relate to each other. Even though Facebook’s mission sounds big, the company is focusing on starting small — with the relationship between two people. Its focus is building tools to help people connect with the people they want and share what they want, and by doing this they are extending people’s capacity to build and maintain relationships.

Facebook observes that as people share more, they have access to more opinions from the people they trust about the products and services they use. As a result, the global social network strives to makes it easier to build meaningful relationships, discover the best products and improve the quality and efficiency of their lives.

This quote by Zuckerberg really captures the spirit of Facebook’s mission, “Today, our society has reached another tipping point. We live at a moment when the majority of people in the world have access to the internet or mobile phones — the raw tools necessary to start sharing what they’re thinking, feeling and doing with whomever they want. Facebook aspires to build the services that give people the power to share and help them once again transform many of our core institutions and industries.”

At 1 billion strong, Facebook is certainly closer to its vision than ever before. But, it’s still not enough to convince investors that it’s really on to something here…

It’s still not enough to convince skeptics who announce that they’re abandoning Facebook with every new social network that gains momentum…and those that re-emerge again and again.

It’s not enough that even at its previous count of 955 million users, that the network accounted for 12% of the world’s population.

Facebook’s news is indeed spectacular. While there are many fun, innovative, and and promising networks out there today, it is Facebook that is single-handedly making the digital and the real world a much smaller place. It is, despite is flaws, a primary residence for the digital YOU.

To celebrate this milestone, here are some interesting Facebook statistics that I thought I’d share with you…

- Facebook reached 1 billion monthly active users on September 14 at 12.45 PM Pacific time.

- Over 1.13 trillion likes since launch in February 2009.

- Facebook now has 600M mobile users.

- 140.3 billion friend connections.

- 62.6 million songs have been played 22 billion times – that’s about 210,000 years of music.

- The median age of a Facebook user is about 22 as the company hit 1 billion.

- Approximately 81% of Facebook’s monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.

- When Facebook hit 500 million, the average social graph size was 305.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal published a wonderful infographic that paints a telling picture of the state of Facebook.

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