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Date: March 4th, 2012
Category: social media

SXSW News: Billy Corgan Joins Brian Solis to Discuss The End of the Music Business as Usual

When I originally outlined my presentation for SXSW, my plan was to set the stage for a passionate and engaged conversation by sharing the inspiration for my new book, The End of Business as Usual.

The more I thought about it, I realized that I could do more. To me, SXSW is a celebration of culture, art, innovation, and vision. The End of Business as Usual isn’t just about “business,” it’s about the end of everything “as usual.”  So, I though, what if the world of any business prioritized the same pillars as SXSW…art, innovation, culture, vision? What if everyday consumers, we, became the cogs in the business machine?

Then it dawned on me, what better way to celebrate than with a special guest?

Well, I’m proud to announce that Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan will join me on stage to discuss “No More (Music) Business As Usual” and I hope you can join us.

We’ll discuss key themes from the new book as it relates to the music industry and how Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins plan on shaking things up.  We’ll focus will be on changing the methods that artists use to deliver music by re-inventing new systems that can work hand in hand with the art they created. The goal? To put the art of music back to the forefront by ignoring the continual need of the music industry to standardized systems to promote and sell music in an era of constant change.

Billy will also discuss how social media and technology will play a part in the release of their new album Oceania and share his vision for reinventing the album experience overall. As Billy shared with Mashable in a discussion about our SXSW session, “Our aim is to turn the ‘social’ into a new way to experience an album,. By taking the medium one step further we will create an experience with Oceania online and off-line that transcends the single and the single mentality in all ways.”

Share your questions here…What would you like me to ask him?

Add it to your calendar!

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