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World’s first ‘unstealable bike.’

A trio of Chilean engineering students may have found a way to thwart even the best bicycle thief with the world’s first ‘unstealable bike.’ The design, called the Yerka, looks like most bikes on an average city street, but the bottom tube of the frame can be split into two parts and wrapped around a pole. It is then secured to the pole or tree using the seat post to connect the arms, and locked shut.

‘The three of us have always been bike enthusiasts since kids, we love to use them as transportation or as a simple way to have fun,’ Juan José Monsalve told Fox News. He created the bike with partners Cristóbal Cabello and Andrés Roi.

‘Sadly, Andrés had two of his bikes stolen in a short period of tim, Monsale added. ‘A few years ago we took an engineering design class at Adolfo Ibáñez University here in Chile and were asked to solve a problem to an actual commute. Using Andrés’ experience as a starting point we started to throw ideas to the table trying to solve this problem, and finally came up with something very similar to what we have today.’
The company is working on prototypes that will connect combination locks to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

While they call it the world’s first unstealable bike, critics say the lock could be picked or the bike easily destroyed. ‘Remember how people used to open those ubiquitous cylinder locks with a Bic pen? Any lock can be picked and the bike stolen,’ said Lloyd Alter, the managing editor at the website TreeHugger. ‘Over at BikeRumor, the one bike site that I have seen cover this, a commentator noted that one good kick on that seat post and it will be dented, making the bike unrideable for the owner as well.’
Thieves might also be happy simply to get the handlebars or front wheel. ‘If we weren’t doing something as disruptive as this, or something that people aren’t interested in, we wouldn’t receive any critics, and believe me when I say we’ve had lots of them mainly referring to the same ‘what if I cut the seat post’ question,” Monsale shot back. ‘We try to learn and improve our project with every critic, and we are soon to release a video in which we probably answer those kind of questions.’

The bike should retail for between $400 and $1,000 when it hits the market early next year.

Helvetica Or Garamond: Typography-Inspired Eyewear


Want to see the world through your favorite typeface? Now you can, thanks to Japanese company Type. Taking inspiration from the respective typeface, the company has created two lines of eyewear, ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Garamond’. Each line comes in three different variations, ‘light’, ‘regular’ and ‘bold’, which defines the thickness of the frames.  Definitely only for those in love with typography (or hipsters), the glasses come priced at ¥24,150 (£140) each.

Check them out here.



mindcorp-helvetica-light-type-glasses mindcorp-helvetica-reglar-type-glasses mindcorp-helvetica-bold-type-glasses

mindcorp-garamond-light-type-glassesmindcorp-garamond-regular-type-glasses   mindcorp-garamond-bold-type-glasses

Some of the best alphabets you’ll ever see.




The following alphabet charts were gathered from the portfolios of artists, photographers
and design students around the world. Credits are noted where known. To date, this is the most
comprehensive compilation of alphabets ever collected – we hope you enjoy the overflowing
creativity featured within these alphabet charts as much as we did. Enjoy the candy ;)


Above: Daffodil flower alphabet by Vladimir Koncar.


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Chris Piascik – Creative Typography and illustration

always making creative typography poster

Today’s article is all about creative typography, we feature Chris Piascik’s effective typography
works which includes package and poster designs. He has studied at Hartford Art School
in the University of Hartford and graduated with a BFA Visual Communication Design /
Art History degree.

Chris Piascik is a New England artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. With 8 years of
professional experience at award-winning firms in New England, he is currently working
as a freelance designer and illustrator, and just presented his 6th solo exhibition. He holds
degrees in Visual Communication Design and Art History from the Hartford Art School
at the University of Hartford, where he has moonlighted as an instructor of design courses.
In 2008, the American Institute of Graphic Arts selected his poster design as a winning
entry for its Get Out the Vote campaign. His other recognitions include Gold Awards,
Silver Awards, Excellence Awards, Judges Award and the Spirit of Creativity Award from
the Connecticut Art Director’s Club as well as a BoNE award from the AIGA. In addition
his work has been published in numerous books and publications including Print and
Communication Arts, the Logo Lounge series, Typography Essentials and Lettering, Beyond
Computer Graphics and Bike Art: Bicycles in Art Around the World. Previous clients
include: Chronicle Books, Nike, Goodbyn, Mayer Hawthorne, Odyssey, Gnarls Barkley,
Monolith Music Festival, Eat Boston, and Theaterworks.

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Braun Print – As good as Rams Design?


These are gorgeous brochures for Braun collected by Das Programm. So simple, yet so effective. I’m not sure who the original designer is, though it could be Wolfgang Schmittel.

50 Unbelivable Typography Illustrations by Graphic Designer Paul Robson


Paul Robson is a successful Graphic Designer/Illustrator from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. His works are simply amazing and stunning in my opinion and today we feature 50 of them for your inspiration. Find out more about Paul by checking his personal blog,behance portfolio or twitter profile.

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Gary Vaynerchuk's talk at Big Obama

I know what a fan a lot of you are for Gary Vaynerchuk’s content and there is little to be had online. Here however is a good slug of Gary. 50+ minutes of him.



When I see a simple idea done well, it’s an absolute breath of fresh air. Forma & Co created this postcard series as an exercise in simplifying some of the most famous film and sports icons from around the world. Check out more on their website.



JANUARY 10TH, 2012

Swissted is the next greatest thing to hit the web besides Designspiration. It is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce and also the owner of Stereotype design in New York City. Mikes love for punk rock music and Swiss design is what allows these two near polar opposites to meet. Each poster reflects the traditional international typographic style posters, each sized to the standard swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5″ by 50″. The typeface used of course is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Medium.

Blackpool Comedy Carpet

Why Not Associates has taken home the Grand Prix at the inaugural Drum Design Awards for ‘The Comedy Carpet’ it designed for Blackpool Council.
Whilst the name in the frame is Why Not Associates, the manufacture and build of this project was done in the main by Gordon Young and his team, http://www.comedycarpet.co.uk

Gordon has a long history as a visual artist, http://www.gordonyoung.net and his collaborations with Why Not Associates goes back some 14 years.

At first sight, the Comedy Carpet looks as if the text is painted. In fact, each of the 160,000 letters is made of 30mm solid granite cast into high-quality concrete panels. Given the unusualness of the project, its complexity and scale, no one company was able to produce the work in its entirety so Gordon had the challenge of producing the work in-house.

With the assistance of artists/makers Russ Coleman and Andy Sawyer, Gordon turned a former fish processing factory in Hull into a bespoke studio, and recruited and managed a production team to make it. After several months of research, with input from chemists and engineers, the Comedy Carpet team evolved new techniques and recipes for production including a special white face mix and the perfect blue that wouldn’t fade. They searched far and wide to find materials of the exact quality and consistency; from India, they sourced black and red granite; from China, stainless steel.

Although constructed on an industrial scale and making use of new technology, the work also required craft skills of a very high standard. The process of making each of the 320 slabs involved many complex stages from cutting, sorting, fettling and laying out each of the letters to a three-stage casting process, curing, trimming, grinding and polishing.

Each slab is a work of art in itself; multiplied by 320, it takes the project to an altogether different level.

The awards, which bring design centre-stage as far as the marketing and communications industry is concerned, also saw tbp! win the Chairman’s Award for its Mackinlays Shackleton Whisky Packaging for Whyte & Mackay.

Other winners, announced at the Emirates Arena in London, included Turner Duckworth in Identity Design with its work for Levi Strauss & Co., while Face Media was successful in the Print Design category for its ‘Too many Chiefs Only One Indian’ work for Restaurant Sat Bains.

Manchester-agency LOVE was victorious in the Copywriting for Design, Experiential Design and Interactive Design categories with its Johnnie Walker Directors Blend, Johnnie Walker Beijing House and Umbro, and Doodlr work respectively.

Judges for this year’s awards included former Design Week editor Lynda Relph-Knight, Design Council CEO John Mathers, interactive media consultant Malcolm Garrett, Adrian Burton of Lambie Nairn, Poke founder Nicolas Roope and StartJudgeGill managing director Jen McAleer.